The Decision Coach

It's time to move forward.

Paralyzed by indecision? I'm here to help.

The Decision Coach is here to help you make any kind of decision: big or small, professional or personal. I offer individual consultations (over phone, email or Skype) where we strip your problem down to the essentials, make a firm decision and plan your next steps. It's about getting it done, moving forward, and feeling great. Procrastinating, dithering and indecision get left behind - you start getting things done, with confidence.

The following packages are available, or get in touch to discuss a customized plan to meet your needs.  

Sometimes a little objective input can go a long way.

For when you just need strong, clear advice, and an injection of energy. In this one-time session, I'll work with you to cut through the clutter, figuring out the fast, simple decision that’s best for you. Post-consultation, I’ll provide you with a no-nonsense, personalized report on what your next move should be and why.

A great way to clear that hurdle and get moving!


A three-part package to tackle what’s holding you back.  

For bigger decisions, you may need help figuring out how to take action. In addition to your personalized decision report, we’ll develop a customized action plan: step-by-step advice on how to implement the decision we’ve made. We'll also schedule a follow-up session to check in on your progress and identify decision-making strategies for the future.

A concrete decision, defined steps, and follow-up: this plan is for those who are committed to making big changes for their lives. 


Tough love to make sure you get it done.

This package is for chronic procrastinators, or those who need a little more encouragement following through with their decision. Includes all of the services above, plus we'll create a schedule with regular deadlines to make sure you achieve your goal. With reminders that don't stop until you take action!

If you have a history of failing to follow through, it ends now. With ongoing help from me, you'll finally make the big life changes you've been dreaming of.

Starts at $750

Ready to get it done?