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Going With Your Gut? Think Again


This interesting article challenges the idea of making decisions by "going with your gut".

"All that thinking and careful decision-making is exhausting, and a little boring, and so unromantic, which is probably part of the reason why “think with your gut” is trotted out so frequently. We want to believe in a power higher than our own brains, something within us that makes better choices for us than our rational minds ever could — particularly when it comes to bigger decisions like picking a partner, or buying a house, or having children (or not). But none of the behavioral scientists and psychologists I spoke to said anything to indicate it’s possible (or prudent) to make a decision with one’s gut alone."

She suggests several helpful tips for making decisions, including:

-Ask yourself if you have any idea what you’re talking about
-Make a list, then see how you feel
-Reexamine your instincts from time to time

and my personal favorite...

-Talk to someone else about your decision 👉