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A successful travel writer, Nell McShane Wulfhart has created the life she's always dreamed of. As The Decision Coach, she offers straightforward advice and action-focused guidance to help others achieve the lives they want.

She has helped people tackle career moves, relationship issues, decisions about where to live, and more. Here are a few of her success stories:

"I was deciding between quitting my job where I was miserable and starting my own business to open up a youth hostel. It was so scary to leave a secure job to pursue a dream of mine where there was no definitive path. I really needed someone to help not only encourage me but to help me set deadlines and goals so I could accomplish what I truly wanted to accomplish. The Decision Coach has helped guide me during a very challenging (yet exciting) time of my life. Honestly, if I did not set up a call with The Decision Coach, I would still be miserable sitting behind my desk doing something that did not fulfill me at all."

- Lauren Beilin, Washington DC


"I sought Nell's assistance with a big decision I had to make around my career. I had been going back and forth for weeks, unable to make a definitive decision. Talking with Nell made me verbalize many feelings I did not realize I had about the two options, and her logical and pointed questions led me to the option that really was best for me. Her open and friendly demeanor made her very easy to talk to and she was able to expertly gather the information I laid out, sort through it all, and, ultimately, help guide me to a decision that I really feel great about. I would recommend Nell to anyone going through a similar decision-making process."

- Mary Balla, Washington DC


"I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon Nell. Before speaking with her, I was overwhelmed with a lot of confusion about a situation. And in a completely down to earth way, she somehow managed to turn that around. She has an uncanny ability to get to the core of things without messing around. She helped me generate new ideas, gain clarity, reach a decision, and generate a game plan that feels true to who I am as a person. It was clear that she really listened to me. I feel so much better now after speaking with her. And I can't thank her enough."

- Sean Kane, Connecticut


" Your ability to decisively cut through the clutter and get to the key priorities is truly amazing."

- Holly Bammert, New York City


"I'm usually good at making decisions but when my entire life needed a change because of an ending relationship and lost job, I was stuck and could not decide what my next move was.  Nell listens well and helps make the tough decisions that family and friends sometimes can't help you make.  I'm happy I reached out to her and finally feel unstuck."

- Shanda, California


“Nell was so easy to get in contact with and it was extremely helpful to have her unbiased perspective on a decision I could have maybe made on my own, but would have taken a lot longer. I walked out not only with a decision, but feeling more confident and accepting of my decision. It was also helpful to get her input on ways of approaching the decision, what the worst case could be, and other factors that I overlooked myself in my own overthinking. I would highly recommend using Nell's services, especially if you're in the middle of making a last minute, tough decision!”

- Raissa, California


“Nell helped me make a significant decision about my career. I agonized over whether to leave my stable, well-paying job and accept a severance package or stay within the organization but be moved to a department that would be very different to my current job. She was able to get to the heart of the matter quickly and she cut through all of the 'pro' and 'con' factors I had been considering for days. Nell framed the real issues I needed to consider and several times made insightful points that made me look at my situation more clearly. She was easy to talk to and did not just tell me what I wanted to hear - it was like talking to a longtime friend. I'm grateful that I found her and I know I could not have made this decision without her help. I would recommend her to anyone needing clarity about an important decision.”

- G. Gill ,Toronto


“As someone who has a notoriously hard time making even unimportant decisions, when I faced the toughest choice and biggest investment of my life (choosing between two very different grad school options) I was paralyzed for months, analyzing every minute detail, spending hours upon hours researching, and endlessly bugging my friends and family for their takes. Even after all that, I was still on the fence. More research and opinions just left me more unsure. Miraculously I found Nell, who through our discussion was able to tease out my true values and priorities, with which we identified the path that would be the best fit considering what was most important to me now and in the future. She even offered some insider advice about the field I’m interested in! I can’t say enough how helpful it was to speak with a thoughtful and impartial coach, and what a relief it is to now feel committed and confident in my decision. Thanks so much, Nell!”

- Alex Ford, Austin

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